1st Congress No ASBESTOS in Navarra


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The main objective of this first congress in Navarra is to inform citizens about the danger that living with asbestos represents for everyone, as well as to urge the competent authorities to eradicate asbestos in our province and to create safe cemeteries for its elimination.

The congress will take place at the Hotel Iruña Park from 9:00h until 14:30h.

The opening of the congress will have the presence of the MEP Da Ma Eugenia Palop (online or in person) and the MEP Da Adriana Maldonado, the act will be presented by Do Vicente Navarro, Da Concha Vidaurre and Da María Asun Fernández. The congress is divided in four round tables: Health, Technical, Justice and Social aspects. Different professionals (medical doctors, oncologists, scientitists, architects, lawyers and patients' associations)  will discuss on the #asbestos problem and main advances in the area. 

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